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Imagine this: You’re playing your favorite card game in a casino. As usual, you’re winning some and losing some, but you’re having fun while doing it. Your friends and fellow players at the table seem to be joyous and the dealer is chatting up everybody with a smile. The cards feel crisp in your hand and the chips make a pleasant noise when they fall. You look up for a second to see if where the train has reached, but you quickly turn back down and resume having fun gambling. This is a live casino.

It’s a revolutionary way of gambling that removes the borders of distance and time between you and your favorite casino games. It perfectly blends together the authenticity of a real casino and the convenience of an online one to let you play anywhere, any time. Now you don’t have to set apart time to go a brick-and-mortar casino, nor do you have to make do with random number generators to get your gambling rush.

The technology behind live casinos

With so many advantages, live casinos may sound too good to be true. They’re not. They’re made possible by various technologies and pieces of equipment like cameras, game tables, machines, and monitors. However, three key components have played the biggest role in bringing the real gambling experience to your couch — the GCU, the OCR, and the internet.

A GCU, or Game Control Unit, is a device that detects and records changes that take place in the real world and integrate them into the gaming software. This device is roughly the size of a shoebox and is attached to each table individually. The OCR or the Optical Character Recognition is a technology that derives data by scanning the images on the table. Finally, the Internet is responsible for transferring the data from the collection and storage points to the player’s device.

What to expect?

Live casinos are great ways to enjoy your favorite classic casino games in real-time. But what should you expect from the overall live casino experience? When you enter the lobby of a live casino Philadelphia game, you’ll see a live feed of the private streaming room where the game is being hosted. These rooms are elegantly designed and decorated to give the feel of an authentic casino. The tables, real or virtual, are also of the highest quality. The dealers are highly trained and professional and assist players in all aspects.

You’ll interact with the game through a simple user interface. Even though different games and game providers have different user interfaces, all of them are designed to make it easier for you to place bets, change settings, and perform many other functions. The live gaming platform is efficiently split between the looks and functionality. However, you’ll just as easily be able to play on your mobile and tablet devices.

Speaking of devices with different screen sizes, live casinos make sure to provide the same visual and acoustic experience. The video and audio qualities in all games are impeccable. Game sounds are crisp and clear and you can hear everything from the dealer’s announcements to the shuffling of the cards. You can choose any video quality you want or simply set it on “Auto” where the software determines the ideal resolution based on your network quality.

Parting note

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was created in 2004. Immediately after, the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act was passed that legalized slot machines at 14 different locations. It also authorized licenses for several horse track racing locations, casinos, and resort casinos. Since July 2010, even table games have been permitted in the state. These laws were observed to be beneficial to both the state and the players, and thus, we can see that gambling is being accepted more and more in the state. You can take advantage of this very law to enjoy your favorite casino games through a good live casino Philadelphia from your home today.

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