How Do You Know if an Online Casino is Safe?

In a world where online casinos are at a fierce competition, there are just uncountable online casino platforms today. Since safe and fair gaming comes first before anything else, new and old players both struggle to come to a conclusion with one casino. Players who find the online casino platform to offer supreme security of their personal and banking details. It is understandable that players who aren’t experienced with the whole concept of online casinos believe there are hardly any casinos that offer all-round operations. However, the truth is, there is.

Like any other online business platform, there are online casinos that offer complete safety and authentic web-based program. At the same time, there are fraudulent ones that are a threat to players’ security. So, how do you know if an online casino is safe for you? Here are the essential aspects to check before you conclude with an online casino.


An online casino with a license certificate is the most important aspect to look for when you hunt for a new casino. It may be tough to believe, but there are many illegal online casinos without proper licensing, that cheat and fool the players. So, to avoid such circumstances, you must check the legal situation in the country where the casino is based. It is also highly recommended to check the license of the casino before considering signing up for an account. An online casino that is approved by an accredited gaming authority means that the web-based casino is genuine and completely safe to use.

Generally, when an online casino operates through a licensed gambling website, it is also regulated by an authoritative body of the country’s government. Casinos under such jurisdictions come with strict gaming laws, wherein, if a casino does not abide by the laws, players have every right to enter a legal claim against the website. The licensing information of an online casino can be found either under ‘About Us’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, or ‘Privacy Policy’ on the casino website.


Another extremely important aspect of an authentic online casino is the safety and security it provides to its players. This can be judged based on the type of software provider the casino is supported with. Normally, the games catered at the casino are offered directly by game developers. This means that it is not the property of the casino. Therefore, it is widely essential to check if the casino is partnered with reputable and highly respected software companies. Some of the leading certified companies are NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, RTG, Evolution Gaming, and such. When the games offered at an online casino are provided by such companies, it is guaranteed that the products are fair and safe for the players.

However, to offer more powerful and unmatched security, such providers’ software is also tested by independent third-party auditing systems. Two of the most common third-party entities are eCOGRA and TST Labs (Technical Systems Testing Labs). These auditing systems focus on testing the quality of the software, mathematics, and randomness of the online casino to ensure that all the games’ payouts are always fair and square. Genuine online casinos also commonly use the SSL or TLS certificates to guarantee maximum safety and protection of the players’ personal data. To also keep the identity of the players confidential, casinos use the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol to protect from any malicious attacks.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Another factor to know if an online casino is safe for you is the type of banking methods it provides on the website. Reliable online casinos provide banking methods that are encrypted with certificates like the SSL or TLS, providing a secure environment for the players to transact their money. Note that a trustworthy casino processes the deposits of its customers within the shortest time compared to unauthorized casinos. Moreover, reliable casinos provide only highly-advanced and secure payment methods that are often used by leading online stores and websites.

Terms and conditions

The last crucial factor to check before registering for an account at an online casino is its terms and conditions. You will notice that at every reliable casino website, there will be a separate page on ‘Terms and Conditions’, mentioning its privacy policy. A licensed casino offers transparency policy when it comes to collecting, managing, and processing the personal and banking information of an account-holder. Such sensitive data are only allowed to be accessed by specific staff and are not exposed to any third parties. Thus, players are always recommended to check the privacy policy of a casino in detail.


Name: How Do You Know if an Online Casino is Safe?
Author: Erik Linask
Published Date: 09/09/2019