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Casinos now come in many forms and types. The development in technology has enabled everyone to play their favorite casino games on platforms like online and live casino. The number of online casinos that are operable through a PC or a mobile phone increase by a minimum of a hundred every year. Where on one hand this abundance of online casinos creates perplexity in a player’s mind of which casino can be the best for him. On the contrary, it opens up the door to new benefits for the players that include casino bonuses and codes. The abundance of online casinos forces them to stand out of the rest if they want to be in the good books of casino lovers. The casinos very well realize this and hence come up with a way to attract and keep players intact to their casino, which is a casino bonus.

Casino bonuses are the extra offers or features that a casino provides for the players to utilize under certain conditions and situations. These conditions can be either to attract more players or to keep alive the interest of existing players in the casino. To have a better idea about this special allowance, let us read more about the casino bonuses in detail.

What are the conditions under which you get a casino bonus?

Casinos provide bonuses to attract and intrigue players that visit the online casino. In order to do so, they ought to provide casino bonuses at different situations like

  • Welcoming the player

The casinos, even the brick-and-mortar ones, have been known for their lavish and eye-catching design. This is proof that the casinos have always known how to attract customers to them. The same stays true for online casinos also. The online casinos attract new players by providing a welcome bonus in the form of free cash, free spins or free bets. The type of welcome bonus varies from casino to casino and from time to time. The one thing stays constant is the appeal of these offers. Any passerby who comes to know about the casino is bound to be tempted by these offers.

Note: Not all that shines is gold and similarly not all welcome bonuses that look attractive should right away be claimed. Always read the terms and conditions before claiming one of them.
  • Winning player loyalty

The casinos are great at attracting players, but just attracting the players doesn’t do the whole work for casinos. They want their customers to keep playing for a longer time and so, they provide bonuses like no deposit bonus in order to win the loyalty of players. No deposit bonus is a bonus that doesn’t require any kind of deposit to be made before claiming it. These kinds of bonuses are different from the general deposit seeking welcome bonuses and since they are claimable easily, they succeed in winning the players’ loyalty. However, no deposit casino bonuses also have terms and conditions section which consists of conditions like minimum games you can play before you can claim the winning from the bonus, etc. Keeping a check on these conditions is equally important as keeping a check on conditions under the deposit or welcome bonus.

  • Keeping the interest alive

Once the player is captivated towards the casino and its games, the next step is to keep the interest alive. For this, the online casinos offer, what they call, periodic bonus or weekly bonus. These bonuses are available after a fixed period like every fortnight or every Tuesday. To avail these offers, a player just needs to keep an eye on the bonus and promotions section present on the online casino site/app.

  • Celebrating the casino’s success

The fourth and the last situation when a bonus is let out is when the casino introduces or launches a new game in their game gallery. The new game offers attractive first-time bonuses to the players. These bonuses are great for the players as they prove to be the safest way of trying out the game without having to risk a lot of hard-earned money at an unknown game.

How to claim these casino bonuses?

Now that you know when and where to look for the various bonuses the casinos provide. The only part keeping you away from these bonuses is the procedure to claim them. To claim these casino bonuses all you need to do is check under the terms and conditions for the requirements.

The T&C might ask you to make a fixed first minimum deposit or tell you about the number of games you need to play before you can utilize or claim the winning from the bonus. Once you fulfill the minimum requirements of the bonuses you can claim them and start gambling.


Though casino bonuses are a great way to start and keep gambling in an online casino, some casinos provide another feature to glue their players. These are the casino bonus codes. Online casino bonus codes help you gain a bonus amount just by typing a simple code on the specified online casino. Once you type the code accurately and hit on apply, you are instantly awarded the bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Look for the best bonuses in online casinos and start gambling!

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